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The Internet of Things is influencing B2B marketing

The Internet of Things is just getting started and is proving to be essential for B2B marketing. The IoT encompasses any device that can connect to the Internet and transmit data – think smartphones, tablets and even some toys. According to an infographic from Intel, there will be 200 billion connected devices by 2020 (1). This is up from 2 billion connected devices in 2006.

About 40.3 percent of these smart devices are in businesses, helping provide analytical analysis, for instance. According LinkedIn's Sean Callahan, the IoT is poised to drastically transform B2B marketing, even though the focus has been so heavy on consumers as of late (2). Callahan argues it is essential for marketers to take advantage of this technology, as it can help businesses better interact with each other.

For example, companies will know how their business customers are enjoying products based on usage statistics. If the supplying company notices one feature is hardly used, future updates may then remove it. Technology is allowing marketing to become that much more precise and quickly design future products based on accurate data. Business efficiency will also receive a boost, as employees will only be focusing on the important tasks.

Marketing departments should take full advantage of the IoT sooner rather than later. The B2B marketing aspect will benefit, as will the entire company.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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