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Search engine optimization must be designed around the customer journey

B2B search engine optimization strategies have to employ different keyword tactics than their B2C counterparts. Business 2 Community said B2C marketers have to design content for shoppers who make immediate decisions, while B2B marketing teams must design optimization for many individuals and a variety of inbound funnel stages (1).

A single person in a company is almost never solely responsible for a major buying decision. Usually, during times of major purchases, companies form teams or committees to weigh various sales options. A potential customer may also seek information from a multitude of stakeholders within its organization.

ClickZ uses the example of an individual in the organization performing a very broad search for a piece of equipment they need for daily activities (2). Once that person finds a product they like, they pass on the specifics to the purchase managers. At that point in the buying process, the new individual or team will use focused terms for their searches. Different team members may explore unique inbound marketing paths.

A multi-channel search engine optimization approach
A B2B marketing team must design materials with multiple audiences in mind. Search engine optimization must have keywords targeted towards well-informed experts and novice company stakeholders.

Companies should create content marketing that employs a variety of effective keywords. There should be general terms to capture the attention of casual audiences, and more technical phrases for committees further along in the B2B lead nurturing process. If, for example, a company sells customer relationship management software, content should feature the term CRM solutions and specific software model names.

B2B marketers may design content with specific channel performance in mind. Material shared on social media usually focuses on first impressions, so it can use broader search engine keywords. Businesses must craft each step of the inbound marketing journey using analysis of what type of audience frequents which materials. advised companies to analyze the performance of each channel individually (3). Search engine optimization strategies must begin with proper planning, especially paid search campaigns that utilize company resources. A B2B marketing team should define clear metrics for search engine success. Teams have to evaluate channels based on what types of audiences they attract, how users interact with the material and what steps the customers make after the impression.

An inbound marketing agency can help B2B marketers design materials for specific crowds. By meeting with a third party expert before deploying search engine tactics, a business can design a marketing approach the nurtures every step of the inbound funnel.

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