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New research indicates data analytics key to content marketing success

Insight into consumer behavior can have a major impact on B2B lead nurturing. Knowing what information an audience looks for at different phases of a content marketing funnel allows businesses to create promotional materials around specific needs.

The ability to decipher what, where and when in content marketing separates top-performers from companies that struggle, according to B2B Marketing, a business resource (1). B2B Marketing shared the results of an Aberdeen study that found the most successful organizations use data and analytics to design content for their marketing campaigns.

Respondents in the best in class section of the Aberdeen study were able to track audience interaction with digital sites in real-time. Companies that used relevant data to meet the needs of certain target audiences and align content with inbound marketing journeys, saw a fivefold increase in marketing attribution to revenue.

Where to find data
When looking for information on a buyer’s interaction with digital advertising, B2B marketing teams should explore internal and external sources.

The Content Marketing Institute suggested starting with the metrics from the business’s main website (2). A company should have an editorial calendar that shows when materials were published on a site and software tools to analyze the click rates and page views of new content. After that, companies should investigate other platforms where they post videos, blog posts, pictures and advertisements. Certain social media sites provide users with in-depth audience analytics.

If companies don’t have software tools to collect and monitor audience interaction with digital materials, they can try low-tech methods like counting responses to email marketing and charting what types of messages received the most direct feedback.

Businesses should also watch what their competitors do and keep a lookout for information provided by platforms. Some sites feature best practices for search engine optimization or what metrics indicate success based on their own experience.

How to use audience information
Once a company collects data, it has to analyze numbers for patterns and trends. ClickZ said the easiest way to do this is to segment information (3). B2B marketing teams should focus on particular times, content or buying groups.

Companies can’t create unique materials for each individual that interacts with content, but by creating an audience persona for certain segments of consumers, marketing can feel more personal. Marketing teams should use data to analyze what content buyers in certain geographical regions, price ranges or industries engaged with the best.

If a business doesn’t have the tools to perform analysis itself, it can partner with a digital marketing agency to gain the valuable insight it needs.

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