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Making events a part of B2B lead nurturing

Industry events are a great chance to practice face-to-face B2B lead nurturing. B2B marketing isn't just about companies doing business with other companies; it's about people creating lasting partnerships.

Marketers who attend events can have actual conversations with leads and finally put a human face to their product or service. An event, however, should be just one in a long line of interactions that offer leads personal engagement.

The event doesn't have to be the introduction
A pre-event campaign is not just a tool to drive up attendance at a presentation or booth – the material generated promoting an event appearance can be a company's first introduction to a marketer's business.

Customer Think said pre-event materials have to go beyond details about location and schedules (1). Any content generated by a B2B marketer has to personally engage an audience. Email campaigns can offer solutions to common industry problems. Video teams can interview the company's speaker to discuss what topics will be addressed. Social media postings can share other event presentations supported by the company. Anything that gives a new audience insight into a personal brand is a smart approach.

A marketing team can use the excitement around the event to reach out to new contacts. Pre-event content should be the introduction, with meeting the audience in person at a conference being the next step in B2B lead nurturing.

Events generate content
Marketers can use events as opportunities to listen to their audience. When speaking in person, B2B marketing teams shouldn't just promote the business, they should ask questions about what people expect from products and services. All the material generated by personal interactions should be included in a company's marketing software. Tracking data from interactions is helpful when event contacts reach out again or when creating content for similar audiences.

The event itself can generate marketing materials. If a business representative gives a presentation, Marketing Land suggested recording it to post on various platforms at later dates (2). During the event, marketers can provide updates via Twitter and blog posts to leads that could not attend in person.

Information, videos and photos collected from an industry event should be put to use after the event is over. Leads generated by the event must be sorted through and contacted. If this was not an initial introduction, the software must be updated to reflect how the event engagement affected the B2B lead nurturing process.

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