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Hyperbole in B2B email marketing: The absolute worst mistake!

B2B email marketing features a lot of competition. The modern inbox is full of communications from other companies, and worse, spam. Content marketing teams try to design messages that are eye-catching and appeal to business needs. A common problem, however, is email titles and promotional claims that try too hard to seem urgent or important.

Hyperbole is often ignored by modern content audiences, according to Econsultancy (1). Modern business professionals who utilize tools like social media on a daily basis are wise to traditional digital marketing tactics and are cautious of claims that use extraneous words or unbelievable claims.

Marketing Land provided a specific example of an overused hyperbolic B2B marketing tactic: The exclamation point (2). Email titles often possesses an exclamation point when the content marketer is desperate to portray the message as urgent or vital to success. The email may contain important information or useful inbound marketing materials, but exclamation points have become synonymous with spam and online misrepresentation.

At its best, hyperbole is a stylistic choice that works for entertainment. At its worst, it portrays dishonestly. Businesses want to work with a company that is confident in their promotions and doesn’t have to resort to trickery. Small Business Trends suggested only using urgency for messages that actually have deadlines, like fast-approaching sales events (3). An email title should portray the actual importance of the content, not more than a B2B company can deliver.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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