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How will Google AdWords upgrades impact B2B marketing?

Back in 2006, Google AdWords burst onto the online marketing scene to give B2B organizations a powerful tool to manage their accounts and campaigns. It has allowed businesses to make the most of search engine marketing and pay-per-click campaigns. Recently, the technology giant has upgraded Google AdWords Editor with greater functionality and design enhancements that should ultimately make the tool an even greater asset for B2B marketers.

Why AdWords is important for online marketing
Before getting into the details of the new features, it’s a good idea to look back at the software and remember the reasons why it is so helpful in the first place.

  • Adword Scripts
    One of the most important realizations that B2B organizations will have is that there needs to be some level of automation in their online marketing campaigns (1). There are numerous repetitive tasks that marketing managers often have to perform manually that undercut their ability to perform at a higher level.The issue that many account managers have is that they’re not well-versed enough in coding language to successfully manage AdWords scripts, which means they’re missing out on a great opportunity. For this reason, companies like Optmyzr have been able to fill in the gap by creating tools that essentially allow non-developers to copy and paste scripts into AdWords to create automated tasks.As a result, marketers can focus less of their time on labor-intensive manual tasks and not have to exert significant effort learning to code to make their jobs easier.

  • Digging for data
    Another useful way to apply AdWords to an online marketing campaign is to track micro-conversions to get a better sense of the large-scale actions that customers are likely to take when they visit a company’s website. AdWords and Google Analytics can combine data sets to get a more in-depth view of pathways that lead to conversions.Why is this important? Frequently, companies will attempt to get insight into the value of a specific keyword only to find that there’s not enough data to create a clear picture of its worth. This could be due to the fact that there many not be enough traffic to create statistically significant levels of data, but B2B marketers can use smaller-scale information like time on site and bounce rate to gauge whether a visitor is more or less engaged. These clicks can then be used to gauge whether the buyer is likely to take further steps toward a more significant conversion.
  • Beyond keyword planning
    A somewhat hidden feature of AdWords in the Keyword Planner tools is the ability to estimate total conversion and cost per acquisition for each campaign (2). Using this function depends on having already run a campaign so that AdWords has a data to base its predictions off of.The utility of this capability is being able to reduce the time necessary to perform research related to search terms and potentially reduce the cost to acquire keywords. B2B marketers can use their daily budget and bid range to find terms more quickly and select those that are financially viable.

What does AdWords Editor 11.0 change?
First of all, the announcement took place in December, and it’s the largest update since the actual product launch in 2006 (3). One of the most apparent changes to the tool is the actual design. The layout of the software puts various panels and features into new formatting that allows for more streamlined navigation. For instance, the data view section takes up the majority of the screen, which makes sense because it’s composed of the campaigns, accounts and ad groups that businesses will make use of. In addition the editing panel is at the bottom, making it easy to make adjustments.

One of the big advantages of the AdWords Editor upgrade is the ability to view accounts side by side. Keeping in mind that many organizations have multiple campaigns running concurrently, this functionality makes it much easier to view and edit various accounts without the need for going back and forth between tabs. This also allows marketers to have their keyword list open at the same time as the ad editor. As a result, businesses will find it easier to select the appropriate search term for each campaign.

Finally, the Google AdWords Advanced Search feature brings an additional layer of functionality to the tool when searching for keywords. There’s multiple search criteria that marketers can use to seek out terms that aren’t doing well and remove them quickly. Furthermore, marketers are able to create filters for complex searches; for instance, it’s possible to find edited, new or error-ridden items. Meanwhile, the upgrade makes it easier to make changes that affect multiple campaigns.

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