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How to define your B2B marketing audience

B2B lead generation isn't just about contacting any business. Content marketing needs to attract companies actually interested in a particular product or service. Broad approaches may reach more audiences, but resources could be better spent by targeting potential buyers.

Content Marketing, a business marketing resource, highlighted the example of a bank which made video content specifically designed to catch the attention of owner managed businesses (1). This type of inbound marketing material is targeted. It wants to appeal to an individual audience and provide certain consumers with reasons to learn more.

Understand the product's appeal
B2B Marketing teams can use audience segmentation to create targeted content campaigns. The first step in creating metrics to define consumers, is to gain complete understanding of the products and services a B2B company offers.

How much does the product cost? What pain points does it solve? What industries could benefit from implementation? Knowing where a business solution fits into possible markets, indicates where to aim marketing efforts. Business 2 Community advised examining the behavior of current clients to see how they put products and services to use (2). A company's customers may have found a bit of data about a purchase the supplier hadn't thought of before.

Past successes in lead nurturing could also create future strategies. Examining what went well with conversions, indicates which campaigns and content should prove effective with similar audiences. A B2B marketing agency can help organizations mine data for useful insights on client behavior and audience interactions with content.

Understand B2B marketing target audience's needs
Once a B2B Marketing team has the general parameters for what type of business it wishes to target, it needs to realize B2B buying decisions are usually made by groups of people. The Content Marketing Institute suggested creating a buying persona for your target audience that encompasses numerous stake holders (3).

Marketing teams can begin defining a buying persona with basic demographics. A company must create broad metrics for the industry, size and needs of a specific buyer. The product may appeal to small businesses with less than 100 employees, or large companies that need expanded tech capabilities.

After marketers define parameters, they need to humanize the target audience. Integrated marketing campaigns allow companies to post content on a variety of mediums, some of which foster more emotional or personal appeals. B2B marketing teams must know the specific financial demands of companies for detailed white paper content, and recognize audience's comfort with humor on social media or other less formal channels.

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