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Forget sentiment; measure engagement with B2B marketing

Beyond the hard metrics, what website analytics should today's businesses track? While time on page, bounce rates and cost-per-click figures will continue to be important to recognizing the success of a particular campaign, there are other metrics that can influence performance.

For instance, sentiment analysis is one measurement that businesses have attempted to use while seeking clarity into how their online marketing campaigns make buyers feel (1). This allows them gauge whether an individual reading a social media or blog post has a positive, negative or neutral reaction. However, 80 percent of time, people judge an utterance as neutral, and people can agree on a text's meaning just 80 percent of the time as well. As a result, sentiment analysis likely isn't a completely accurate metric to base marketing success on.

On the other hand, engagement metrics is an alternative way to look at buyers' online behavior. In fact, this strategy is built on tracking how customers engage content – beyond clicks – and looks at more precise contextual data, such as mouse movements, scrolling patterns and even how and what they type (2). What's the value? It compartmentalizes each action during a visit to a website as an event that marketers can analyze in depth. For instance, A/B testing these events will allow companies to adjust their sites to generate greater engagement among buyers.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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