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Find a B2B marketing agency to avoid Adblock problems

Adblock hinders B2B integrated marketing campaigns. B2B Marketing, an online resource for industry news, shared the results of a PageFair report that projected Adblock will cost advertising revenues of $21.8 billion in 2015 (1).

Adblock is a system that prevents online advertising from loading on Internet platforms. Visitors have the choice of whether or not to activate the program. Over the last 12 months, the number of people using Adblock increased 41 percent. U.S. consumers are utilizing Adblock more frequently than most other countries. Asia, however, has led the surge of mobile blocking.

An earlier B2B Marketing article focused on a YouGov survey reporting 46 percent of consumers stated they used Adblock due to irrelevant ads (2). B2B Marketing Insider said people are annoyed by content that doesn’t affect their business or lives (3). Marketers are wasting money on digital videos, mobile advertising and other content restricted by viewers.

B2B marketers should carefully target their content to their audience. A Digital marketing agency not only helps companies create eye-catching material, but has  tools and strategies for avoiding Adblock technology. Programmatic buying, for example, helps content be published on platforms frequented by targeted audiences. Businesses should contact a B2B marketing agency to prevent financial loss and wasted resources.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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