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Creating content marketing that respects the audience's time

Content marketing designed around the needs and preferences of a potential buyer indicates the business that created the campaign is aware of the demands of a particular industry and accommodates them.

Business professionals usually don't have a lot of extra time on their hands. B2B digital marketing that gets to the point as quickly as possible, is easy to find and displays at the viewer's convenience is more approachable than product-specific educational materials that eat up a B2B buyer's schedule.

Demonstrate value immediately
B2B marketing teams shouldn't make audiences read to the end of an email marketing message to find the call to action or main selling points. The first impression created by a piece of content should instantly communicate how the materials are important to the viewer and its lead nurturing potential.

Not only will the practice of speeding up the delivery of crucial details in content marketing profit invested viewers, it could catch the attention of casual audiences. The B2B News Network said modern buyers have shorter attention spans than previous generations (1). If business wants viewers to engage with content, they need to capture interest instantly. This can be done by placing images that speak to common point points or product solutions at the top of a Web design or the beginning of video online advertising.

Don't waste time
Potential buyers don't want to waste time in their inbound marketing journeys digging through content that isn't relevant to them. Business 2 Community suggested B2B marketing teams need to acquire solutions to discover what materials each type of lead wants at different inbound stages (2).

Business can also help online viewers find what they need by offering an intuitive display and responsive Web design. When audiences click on a website, they should easily be able to find the path to the content they desire. As they search through materials, the Web design must be responsive so users don't grow frustrated by slow or faulty performance.

Let audiences experience content marketing where they want
Business professionals may not have time to sit down at their desk and go over product descriptions. By offering mobile marketing campaigns, a business may provide viewers with materials they can absorb at their convenience.

Mobile advertising should respond just as well as all digital content. The Content Marketing Institute said mobile materials should also utilize visuals, be short and get straight to the point (3).

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