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Cohort analysis for B2B marketing

B2B Marketing campaigns have started to adapt to a big data world. Modern marketing content is generated by analyzing data and creating materials that speak to a targeted audience. As companies utilize software and work with digital marketing agencies to collect data, they seek out new strategies of how to glean insight from the information.

Customer Think suggested B2B marketers should follow a common B2C strategy and use cohort analysis on their data. Cohort analysis is the process of analyzing different orders after grouping them together using company defined metrics. Locating the similar details behind successful sales provides insight on how customers responded to marketing and sales materials.

B2B marketers can practice cohort analysis on leads. A company can group different leads and see which marketing materials brought them to the business. Kissmetrics, a marketing analytics platform, said B2B marketers could group leads based on time they reached out to the company, which platforms they interacted with or type of company the lead represented.

If a group of leads all responded to the same piece of inbound marketing material in a given week, then they are prime candidates for cohort analysis. The data generated from their interactions informs a company on why their particular companies responded to the content.

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