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B2B marketing requires getting people's attention

With B2B marketing, the first step in the process of attracting buyers is getting their attention. However, dealing with that basic notion requires overcoming great challenges. Consider this: Every single day, there are on average 2 million blog posts written, around 99 days worth of video produced, and 294 billion emails being sent (1). That's not even taking into account social media. At most, a purchasing manager will be able to skim through the headline before moving on.

Consequently, with so much information being put out there, attention becomes the scarcest commodity in B2B marketing, as "Moneyball" author Michael Lewis discussed at the Adobe Summit recently (2). With this in mind, he suggested that whatever marketing campaign a business creates should be able to get its own attention as much as it would other companies, and that form of thinking usually comes from within. By creating something that is built on the firm's unique attributes or corporate identity, a marketer will be able to stand out. A helpful device in this fashion is behavioral data analytics, which allows marketing staff to figure out how their customers act. But more importantly, having that information will allow marketers to back up their assumptions on how companies will behave towards their strategies by ignoring or building interest.

1. Grabbing Attention Vs. Getting People To Care About Your Content
2. Quick insights from Adobe Summit on perfecting the art and science of marketing

Sheila Kloefkorn

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