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B2B Marketing needs to coordinate cross channel content

At the beginning of 2015, an Econsultancy survey found 60 percent of B2B marketing professionals planned to focus on cross channel content production (1).

Direct Media reported some B2B companies practicing cross-channel marketing have found the practice quite challenging (2). According to a survey by the Relevancy Group, 27 percent of marketers have had difficulty coordinating cross channel campaigns. The respondents stated managing the offers and frequency of messages across multiple platforms was giving them particular trouble.

Integrated marketing can be difficult. As a company prepares content for social media platforms, digital video and mobile marketing, the business needs to ensure the brand image and information presented is consistent. Each platform has to receive the same amount of attention and customer data should be captured from every marketing source.

Effective cross channel B2B marketing is reliant on planning and focusing on a manageable amount of platforms. Marketing Land suggested businesses need to decide which platforms are ideal for their purposes using software that measures which channels convert and the actions of the target audience (3). Cross channel digital processes have to be built on performance data. Digital marketing agencies can provide B2B companies with the technology and strategies needed to manage cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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