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Attributed success helps build future B2B content marketing

Reports from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketingprofs agree success of a B2B content campaign is contingent on creating a well-developed plan of action, according to eMarketer (1). When formulating a content strategy, modern B2B marketing teams rely on data from existing clients, online audiences and industry standards to create effective campaigns. Companies also need the information collected from previous efforts, but not every organization knows how to judge success.

Marketers may deem content effective if it facilitates revenue acquisition, page views or B2B lead generation. Each piece of material created for a campaign should have its own goals in place. Companies may send out email marketing to create first impressions with new audiences, so a success metric could be requests for more information.

Marketing Insider said companies with an integrated marketing plan need to practice cross-channel attribution (2). To justify expenditures and ensure resources do not go to waste, a company must know what advertising or B2B lead nurturing advantages each platform demonstrates.

Marketing teams must trace back results to their original starting point. A B2B marketing agency has tools to collect and analyze metrics from each channel to find key performers and attribute audience actions. With accurate information on results, marketing teams have the data they need to replicate success. 

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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