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7 best talents to have in content marketing

Working in content marketing takes a lot of skills. Marketers are covering so many bases, not limited to blog posts, video reports, white papers, landing pages and many more. The goal is to create something that is compelling and original enough to generate interest, leads and eventually sales for the business. There’s a lot that goes into any content created as well as any strategy that a marketer intends to execute. The technical nature of content marketing adds a dimension that separates it from traditional approaches. As a consequence, content marketers need more than just regular marketing know-how to do it well for the audience and the company. Here a some of the talents that will make them stand out and succeed: 

  1. A grasp of data analytics
    Before a marketer can begin truly churning out quality material, he or she has to figure out what exactly defines “quality.” Every job has its standards of performance, after all. But what makes content marketing distinct from the rest is that many of the metrics that truly help determine success are steeped in hard data analytics. That includes lead generation and conversions, click-thru rates, return on investment and bounce percentage. Knowing which tools can get this information in a timely manner and understanding what it means can set content marketers in the right direction.(1)
  2. Quality self-control
    Some marketers still be believe that throwing as many ads at as many people as possible will send them to you, translating to larger sales. However, not only is that wasteful, but it’s become antiquated over time, since most buyers are turned off by excessive advertising. As marketing becomes much more personalized through content, it’s best to spend more time on getting one article or video right than it is to fill up a quota. While it’s still necessary to send out new material regularly, the idea here is to spend more time on the quality of the content than the quantity.(2)
  3. Web developer skills 
    Marketers could just create a quality piece of content and let IT handle SEO and being published. However, that can take some time, even with an automated system in place. The ideal content marketer should spend some time learning about the backbone of what makes Web content function. Knowing one’s way around HTML 5 and CSS 3 can make a person far more productive in this situation. Marketing staff will also be capable of finding out what actually makes content stand out when people search for it.
  4. Knowing how to create real characters 
    In certain ways, content marketing is not that much different from being a creative writer. That includes creating characters. A content marketer should be able to craft personas of potential clients, including the types of personality the purchasing managers possess, based on actual companies and their employees. Building any sort of content strategy should take these personas into consideration, and depending on the rate of success, they should be shaped based on what motivated buyers to begin a relationship with your company.
  5. An eye for the visual and aesthetic
    There is far more to content marketing than just writing blog posts and copy for various materials. So much of it, especially that which can successfully convert interested companies into buyers, is built on the visual as well. Marketers should be able to create ideas that are not just text-worthy, but could also be made into a video, infographic, or a call to action. When marketing staff are able to visually capture a message and deliver it to potential clients, they have a greater chance of getting attention and garnering interest in the products and services being offered. 
  6. An ear to social media 
    With LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook increasingly becoming a common method of communicating with different businesses, it’s imperative for to not only understand how these systems work, but also how to get information out there. For one thing, it’s a great way to directly communicate with existing, new and potential buyers. Secondly, it can be used to generate interest around the company and its brand, simply by posting things that are relevant through these networks. A combination of engagement and content creation helps marketers perform much better in getting the right clientele.
  7. An open heart to clients 
    With the increased personalization of marketing as a whole and content marketing in particular, clients are becoming less an audience and more people to relate to. As a result, marketers should treat connections with purchasers and buyers as relationships. With this in mind, they should be fostering their rapport with businesses in such a way that it makes companies more comfortable with the brand and the products being discussed. They should also engage with clients regularly so as to nurture the relationship. The end result should be that a company has developed loyal customers that will come back in the years ahead.

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