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5 types of content B2B marketers should create

High-quality content creation is essential for successful B2B marketing. A recent report reveals that 59 percent of B2B inbound marketers consider marketing content creation as one of their most effective tactics (1). However, 54 percent of those respondents also claim content creation is the most difficult.

Luckily, there is a helpful structure for businesses to create the most effective content possible (2). There are five tiers to follow.

  • Information: Informational content should answer the basic questions a client has about a product and how it can meet their needs. Research, press releases and company profiles all fit in here.
  • Context: Contextual content builds up trust in a company and its position in the industry. Blogs, webinars and white papers are good examples of contextual content.
  • Emotion: Emotional content should leave customers feeling good about the company and connected to its message. Images, videos and blog posts serve emotional content well.
  • Motivation: Motivational content should encourage readers to act and make a difference. Case studies and true stories from within the industry are great examples of motivational content.
  • Inspiration: Inspirational content incites visitors to consider the human condition and find new ways to improve their company and the world.

B2B marketers that can successfully provide their customers with a journey from information to inspiration will have no problem building their business up to its highest potential.

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2. “5 Vital Classes of Content: A Simple Framework”

Sheila Kloefkorn

With more than 25 years of hands on marketing strategy and operations experience, Sheila Kloefkorn is dedicated to developing marketing strategies and plans that help clients succeed. Some of the world's largest brands have depended on Sheila for marketing programs that delivered tangible and substantial results. Specialties: B2B marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales strategy, marketing strategy, competitive marketing strategy, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), mobile marketing, email marketing, website design, marketing plans.