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4 ways to look at video mobile marketing in a whole new light

B2B Marketing has to keep up with modern trends. Business decision-makers are real people who follow cultural phenomenons and popular technology. To appeal to modern consumers, digital marketing needs to display on mobile devices in the way audiences prefer.

Mobile marketing videos are still relatively new and constantly changing. What was once a best practice may not apply to new devices or publishing platforms. Here are four ways B2B marketing teams might want to rethink their video online advertising for phone and tablet audiences.

1. Turn it on its head
B2B marketing teams may not be video experts, so they’ll likely model their video mobile advertising techniques on standard audio visual display tactics. When audiences go to the movies or watch something on TV, the images display horizontally. It seems obvious mobile videos should be filmed and published with horizontal performance in mind. The problem is people are most likely going to hold their smartphone vertically. Venturebeat reported more marketing teams plan to create vertical videos for mobile audiences (1). Vertical content means people don’t have to turn their phones to watch materials.

It may seem like it wouldn’t take much effort to adjust a phone to watch a horizontal business video, but that extra obstacle may prevent viewership. Mobile videos could be an audience’s first impression with a brand. If companies want to maximum B2B generation from any piece of content they should prioritize convenience for casual viewers.

2. Pump down the volume, pump up the information
Companies may use autoplay digital advertising to ensure they’re videos display for mobile audiences. If businesses want to force audiences to watch materials, the B2B marketing team has to recognize this tactic could be annoying. It’s important to avoid really irritating features like suddenly blasting sound from a mobile device while in a quiet office.

The Wall Street Journal said silence may be the next big trend for mobile marketing videos (2). Companies that create videos with content clearly expressed without dialogue or music allows business buyers to absorb data in environments where sound would be impossible.

It’s important to make the first few seconds of a video really informative. Most platforms allow viewers to switch autoplay videos off after a short amount of time. Videos should start with striking images, statistics or convenient links. B2B marketing companies want to use autoplay ads to capture attention instantly and provide details for inbound marketing next steps.

3. Beyond paid mobile advertising
Companies don’t have to pay money for mobile marketing. Banner ads and autoplay displays can target audiences and search out potential buyers through programmatic platforms. Finding places for videos on other content channels, however, creates diversified integrated marketing for all audiences.

Take email marketing for example. The Web Video Marketing Council shared a Forrester report that found videos in email communications to potential clients led to increased click through rates and overall engagement (3). Many modern business buyers open their emails on mobile devices, B2B Marketing teams should include videos on all channels and make sure they display correctly on small screens.

Social media is a great format for videos. Many social channels allow companies to post videos on pages for free. Certain sites also provide statistics on viewer engagement so companies can track success.

4. Reaching out for help
A company may find adopting video into an integrated campaign is the perfect time to contact a B2B Marketing agency. Working with a marketing agency on a singular project like a mobile video campaign is a great way to monitor results provided by a third party.

Professional agencies can offer expertise on several marketing channels. Companies can profit from experience and get performance from videos they could not obtain themselves. For example, businesses should find an interactive marketing agency so audiences can actually respond to and provide feedback for mobile videos.

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