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Website Design Results in
Increased Leads

Learn how a website redesign resulted in a significant increase in leads for one home remodeling company.

How can businesses stay ahead of their competition in a crowded online environment today?

By redesigning their website to improve site usability across any device and implementing strong calls to action that engage visitors.

The case study, “Website Design Focused on Customers Results in Significant Increase in Leads,” explains how one company, Republic West Remodeling, launched a redesigned website that showed significant, immediate improvement—in just one month.

The Company


Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Republic West Remodeling offers the highest quality home remodeling services including whole home remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, master bedrooms, home offices, outdoor living spaces and garages.

After plateauing in generating leads from their current website, Republic West Remodeling knew it was time for a change and turned to KEO Marketing to increase their website leads and optimize their brand message.

The Results

Download “Website Design Focused on Customers Results in Significant Increase in Leads,” and learn more about Republic West Remodeling’s challenges, KEO Marketing’s web design strategies, and the solution that generated award-winning results in the first month.

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