KEO Marketing

Driving Quality Traffic
and B2B Leads

Learn how one IT solution provider used a proven B2B marketing solution to increase qualified leads

Today’s technology sector is highly competitive. So how can a hosted application management and managed hosting provider generate more B2B leads in the most cost-effective manner?

Through a targeted and proven inbound marketing solution designed to generate the highest number of qualified leads at the lowest cost per lead.

The case study, “Driving Quality Traffic and B2B Leads,” provides a closer look at how one leading IT solution provider achieved incredible results.

The Company

OneNeck’s is a leading hosted application management and managed hosting provider in Arizona. Their solutions and services allow customers to have a single service provider for complex and critical hosted application management, managed hosting, infrastructure services, and cloud services.

OneNeck was ready to grow their business, and they needed to find a way to expand their online present and increase their leads within their marketing budget.

The Results

KEO Marketing designed an inbounding marketing solution based on proven B2B marketing strategies to increase OneNeck’s qualified B2B sales leads and stay within their budget. Download “Driving Quality Traffic and B2B Leads” to learn more about OneNeck’s challenges, KEO Marketing’s lead generation strategies and the B2B marketing solutions that generated significant results.

About KEO Marketing

KEO Marketing has been helping some of the world’s largest brands for decades with marketing programs that drive business growth. Specializing in business to business (B2B) marketing strategy, creative, messaging, infrastructure, execution, marketing analytics and results, KEO Marketing helps Fortune 1000 companies as well as medium-sized businesses achieve and exceed their marketing and sales goals.