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EHR Provider Achieved 450% Increase in
Leads After AdWords Campaign Overhaul

The case study “A Local EHR Provider Sees 450% Increase in Leads After Hiring KEO Marketing to Run AdWords Campaign” details dramatic improvement in results.

The Company

A local electronic health records (EHR) company gained a new owner and investment in 2016. The new leadership team decided to manage paid search advertising in house and did so for the first year. Unfortunately, the in-house results did not show an acceptable return on investment.

The Results

KEO Marketing took over management and provided a comprehensive audit of the campaign. KEO Marketing then re-organized the campaign and launched new creatives. These steps combined with 24/7 bid management and best practice management resulted in a significant improvement in the campaign performance.

Leads increased and cost per lead decreased significantly

  • 450% average monthly increase in leads
  • 27% decrease in average cost per click

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Disclaimer: Individual results may differ from the projections contained in this report.

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