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Content Marketing in 2018: Trends & Predictions to Watch

According to Content Marketing Institute, in 2016, 34% of marketers felt content marketing was effective. However, a full 60% of B2B marketers found 2017 to be a great year for content marketing strategies. What worked in 2017 may not be enough to keep you top of mind in 2018.

Here is a closer look at content marketing trends for 2018 to help you create next year’s content marketing plans.

Shifting Content Roles

Look for a new process in 2018 where ideas are constantly being improved on, customized for different audiences, and adapted to a variety of different formats to meet customers where they are. In 2018, you can’t rely on blogging alone.

Here are a few of the top content marketing trends and strategies you need to focus on in 2018:

  • Video
  • Graphic design
  • Audio production
  • Content optimization across multiple formats
  • Content distribution and promotion
  • Advertising and media buying
  • Analytics, metrics, and reporting

Companies will continue to use social media content, blogs, email newsletters, in-person events, e-books and white papers, infographics, and webinars in their marketing strategies and campaigns.

Building Trust Through Transparency

The media research giant Nielsen reported your customers feel the following:

82% trust recommendation from people they know

66% trust opinions posted online

65% trust ads in newspapers

64% trust emails they signed up for

63% trust editorial content like newspapers and articles

63% trust TV ads

62% trust ads in magazines

61% trust branded websites

60% trust ads on radio

57% trust brand sponsorships

57% trust billboards

56% trust ads before movies

53% trust TV program product placements

47% trust online video ads

42% trust ads on social networks

39% trust ads on mobile devices

These results mean savvy marketers need to focus on transparency and disclosure. Grow your influencer marketing and endorsements in complete transparency to help you build solid relationships with customers who are more cautious in 2018. In addition, the FTC is cracking down on lack of disclosure and transparency. All you need do is Google “FTC endorsement fines” to see the multitude of companies facing trouble.

Stretching Content Marketing

Stretch your content marketing muscles in 2018 by incorporating a variety of content tools to help you reach customers where they are in the buyer’s journey. Neil Patel used the following image to give you insight into the content you should focus on in 2018:

Content next year is much more than top-of-funnel fuel. Consider switching your content marketing strategy to support each of the above stages of your buyer’s journey.

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According to, global internet users as of June 30, 2017, topped 3,885,567,619. If you want to compete for even a fraction of users’ attention, you need to be strategic. Smart brands will invest in content marketing, strategies, and distribution in 2018. If you want to cut through the online noise and get the waning attention of your target audience, your content marketing plans need to include the above trends and suggestions. For more information on what you can expect in 2018, download KEO Marketing’s latest guide, “Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2018”.


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