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Trends in Technology Marketing Services

Technology deployed in marketing services is changing how brands conduct campaigns. It forces marketers to rethink how they market. Just consider the effect smartphones have had on our everyday lives. As a marketer, it is your job to identify technological advances, understand how they affect your marketing activities, and create strategies that will leverage them.

The following list represents some trends in technology marketing to keep your eye on:

  • Social media will become publishing outlets – Rather than just sharing content on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, you will eventually use these platforms to publish it. Becoming publishers allows social media to evolve beyond sharing links from traditional media outlets. Social media platforms will all users to get all their content in one place.

For example, Facebook offers an “Instant Article” feature to extend content’s reach. With a single swipe, Instagram and Snapchat let users read articles instantly. Using these tools, you can get in front of your target audience members wherever they are and drive them back to your website.

  • Machine learning will help deliver the right content to the right people at the right time – With content marketing becoming more conversational, machine learning technologies help marketers decide who sees a message. But they are also evolving to help you determine the content of conversations. The shift from traditional content marketing to machine-mediated conversation marketing will empower marketers to deliver compelling content at scale.
  • Virtual reality will help marketers optimize content –According to an article published in Fortune magazine, experts predict virtual reality technologies will generate revenue of $150 billion by 2020. Although few marketers are ready to adopt virtual reality fully at this point, you should at least focus on visual content to better engage your audience. Interactive graphics, videos, and apps can provide a foundation for future virtual reality projects.
  • Precision analytics will track audience profiles – Technology allows you to personalize your marketing campaigns. In addition to tracking audience profiles, precision analytics can help businesses of all sizes establish buyer personas and take personalization to a higher level.
  • Live video streaming on social media platforms will lead to immediate sharing – Today’s business consumers of content increasingly expect live streams. Through webinars and other live streaming activities, you can create a closer customer relationship. You connect with your audience on a human level and help your audience become more intimately involved with your brand.
  • Mobile optimization will increase engagement – A recent study found 69% of digital media engagement happens on mobile platforms. Therefore, all content you produce must be optimized for mobile devices. With an increasingly on-the-go society, growing your reach through mobile optimization is not just a good thing to do, it is necessary to succeed.
  • Artificial Intelligence will transform content marketing –Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses tools like predictive analytics, natural language processing, and generation algorithms to create more compelling content. These tools let you increase the volume of content you produce and the speed with which you deliver it. You can create a more dynamic and personalized user experience with chatbots and personalized recommendation systems.

Technological innovations will always require you to adapt your marketing activities. By implementing the technologies identified here, you gain an opportunity to improve your target audience’s experience.

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