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Top Outbound Marketing Services for 2018

Outbound marketing refers to activities that target an audience directly. Examples include traditional channels such as magazine and newspaper print advertising, radio commercials, billboards, and email marketing. Inbound marketing pulls the target audience to your brand using content marketing, search engine optimization, and other strategies. The most successful marketing campaigns often use a combination of outbound and inbound marketing activities.

Most marketing experts recommend you strike a balance between outbound and inbound marketing campaigns to achieve your goals. A recent report produced by Act-On Software highlighted some interesting findings:

  • Although inbound marketing has garnered the bulk of attention in recent years, marketers should realize outbound marketing still plays a critical role. Both strategies deliver value.
  • After surveying 130 B2B marketers from small- to medium-sized organizations, the study found 84% of participants agreed on the importance of using inbound and outbound marketing services in tandem.
  • Regarding revenue generation, the study concluded outbound marketing generates 43% of a B2B company’s annual revenue. Comparatively, inbound marketing produces 41% of annual revenue.
  • The B2B marketers participating in the study identified the inbound tactics they used most often. As reported, the most popular inbound tactics were 82% social media, 82% SEO, 60% blogging, and 41% pay-per-click.
  • The top five outbound marketing methods reported were 90% email, 62% trade shows and conferences, 61% press releases and media relations, 52% webinars, and 33% direct mail.
  • Regarding budget allocation, the results show respondents spent slightly more on outbound marketing services. Forty-eight percent of the annual budget represented investments in outbound marketing and 44% was allocated to inbound marketing. However, given the cost-efficiencies of inbound activities, this allocation may shift in coming years.

Regardless of amount businesses invest in inbound and outbound marketing services, one thing is clear: you need both marketing channels to produce the best results. Another reason outbound will continue to play an important role is the increased adoption of account-based marketing (ABM) programs and the supporting outbound tactics. Because ABM drives business value, outbound will not take a back seat to inbound anytime soon.

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