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Top Five Content Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

technology content marketingDid you know that content marketing could help your technology company reach both current and prospective customers?

Effective content marketing strategies must start with the buyer persona top of mind. To get started, you first must carefully define who the personas are for your brand. Often, technology purchases involve multiple stakeholders, so it is vital that each of these stakeholders, and their unique needs, are assigned to a particular persona.

Once you have these personas established, look at how to address their needs throughout the buyer’s journey. Keep in mind that most customers will do the majority of their research before contacting your company’s sales team. As such, high-quality content is critical. You want to be part of the conversation and a reliable solution to a problem, not simply focused on selling your product.

What Is Your Goal?

Think about what you want to accomplish, and give it a measurable number so you can determine whether your technology marketing efforts are working. Remember, it is not enough to just say you want more website visitors or a better conversion rate.

Also, establish yourself and your brand as an industry thought leader. Whether you offer software, apps, technology services, SaaS, or any other tech product, establishing your company as a thought leader in the tech space has significant advantages by positioning it as a reliable and dependable expert.

Five Technology Inbound Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Attract prospects hoping to solve a challenge. Blogs are an excellent way to attract visitors to your website and brand, and you can customize them to any stage in the buyer’s journey. At the top of the funnel, a blog should focus on the customer, be engaging, and educational. At the bottom of the funnel, a blog post should help readers understand more specifically how your product solves their problem better than anyone else’s product. Blog content should set you up as an expert in whatever it is readers are searching for as you demonstrate how well you understand their pain points.
  1. Email and nurture prospects. Email is another popular marketing strategy for tech companies. Many tech marketers use email to thank visitors for subscribing to a newsletter. Others use it to invite prospects to view another piece of content related to what they originally downloaded, or to invite them to participate in a webinar or view a video. The key to email marketing is to be able to segment your list and custom-tailor emails to particular segments of subscribers that you want to contact. 
  1. Think socially and organically. Social media is a place for customer support, for cultivating and nurturing relationships with current and prospective customers, and it can bring in new traffic. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, the idea is to develop relationships, credibility, and establish yourself and your company as a thought leader in the tech space.
  1. Use paid social media. LinkedIn and Facebook ads are an excellent way to enhance your subscriber base, direct people to a landing page, or simply create interest in your products and services. Facebook has an Advertising Best Practices group geared specifically for businesses where participants exchange advice and ideas.
  1. Pay-per-click: Google AdWords retargeting. This approach refers to display ads that show up on another website previously visited by someone who has already been to your site via Google Display Network. What does this mean? These individuals have already demonstrated an interest in what you offer. So how do you know whom to target specifically? There are many options including targeting those who visited your home page, other website pages, or by using keywords.

Get Friendly With Analytics

The metrics you analyze show how your marketing efforts work together. Monitoring analytics demonstrates how well you are working toward your goals and where various marketing campaigns have succeeded, as well as where there are areas for improvement.

Leveraging metrics also help you to prove the ROI of your content marketing.

Be the Leader

Engaging and compelling content is critical for brand visibility online and offline. Your content should tell a unique story about how you can solve your customer’s challenges.

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