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B2B Technology Marketing Best Practices

b2b technology marketingIn today’s competitive business to business (B2B) technology environment, accumulating prospect names and contact information and sending out generic marketing collateral is simply not enough.

Tech firms must take advantage of various methods and multiple channels to connect with leads throughout the buying cycle. Smart tech companies today are utilizing both inbound marketing and outbound marketing approaches to generate higher quality sales leads and quicker sales results.

Inbound involves creating content that naturally attracts individuals to your brand. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, focuses on pushing a message out to reach as many prospects as possible.

The Formula for Success 

At KEO Marketing, we encourage clients to build a lead generation approach around several key components, each of which can help engage potential buyers across multiple channels.

b2b technology marketing

The components, which you should use in an integrated manner that incorporates all inbound and outbound touches, are: 

  • An insight selling strategy. Develop and target prospects with ideas specifically designed to help them realize they have a unique problem that your company can solve.
  • Inbound marketing. Target your dream clients and engage them through tactical inbound marketing campaigns. This approach involves matching your brand’s services and products with prospective customers’ expressed demand through search and social channels. 
  • Account Based Marketing. Reach individual decision makers at known accounts through sequenced and coordinated outreach. 
  • Educational content marketing. Create and deliver compelling content and educational marketing that helps customers perform due diligence while positioning your brand as an authority. 
  • Mobile, local, social. Develop marketing campaigns and messages with a mobile, local, and social focus to connect with clients wherever they are.
  • Marketing automation and lead nurturing. Deploy a process that monitors, tracks, and drives leads through a system developed to address their needs at every point of the buying cycle.

Our Top Five Technology Marketing Best Practices 

When it comes to the tech industry, there is a multitude of competitors vying for attention. Unfortunately, many of these companies do not always put a lot of time and effort into their marketing strategy.

KEO Marketing recommends using these five best practices as part of your B2B technology marketing plan. Each practice incorporates a healthy balance of both outbound marketing and inbound marketing, a highly efficient way to generate sales leads with higher sales conversion rates.

Best Practice #1: Send personalized emails to your target accounts

Draft prospecting emails, so they are short and sweet. Generally, 200 words or less is ideal because the message fits on a smartphone screen. Additionally, short emails force you to get to the point and communicate effectively. The subject line is what sells the reader on opening the email, so make it pop.

With personalized email, it is important to drive prospects to your website. The goal is to encourage potential customers to opt into your inbound marketing program. You can accomplish this goal by providing helpful content that a prospect equates enough value to that he or she shares their demographic information to access it.

Best Practice #2: Leverage the latest marketing automation tools

A vital part of staying on top of, reaching out to, and nurturing leads is using marketing automation tools. To build a sustainable revenue model, you must have automated systems for gathering leads, developing a marketing pipeline, segmenting contacts, and marketing to them on a regular basis.

Marketing automation tools help you more efficiently nurture, qualify, and pass leads over to sales. This aspect is especially important in the tech space because both pre-sales and sales cycles can last weeks, months, and in some cases, years.

Best Practice #3: Create original video content 

Using video content as a marketing tool has become a powerful way for tech brands to present their solutions to target companies. While one of your team members may not have time to sift through a technical product sheet, he or she likely has time to watch an entertaining, engaging two-minute video about a solution that could be of great value to their company.

Best Practice #4: Try Account Based Marketing (ABM), 2017’s hottest outbound lead generation practice

Today’s tech organizations are increasingly realizing they must incorporate outbound lead generation, such as Account Based Marketing (ABM), into their strategy to stand out from the crowd. With this approach, they can push prospects through the sales pipeline and convince them to convert.

ABM is the practice of marketing directly to current and prospective customers, and is one of the hottest innovations in marketing technology right now. It also is one of the most targeted and effective forms of outbound marketing.

In fact, according to Demandbase, when compared to traditional lead-based marketing, ABM results in a 40 percent higher contract value for targeted accounts.

Through ABM, sales and marketing teams work together in an integrated approach to take targeted prospects through the sales funnel and help them become loyal customers. The overall concept is to target high-value buyers with personalized, relevant content and offers that you highly customized to their needs, or resonates with their pain points.

Best Practice #5: Focus on existing customer re-marketing

One way to increase revenue through technology marketing efforts is via your current customers.

By having systems in place to re-market to existing clients, you will be able to build out an infrastructure that enables consistent retention, upsell and cross-sell of other products or services. Efforts here can pay off many times over.

The Bottom Line

Today’s tech buyers are trusting influencers more and more particular than ever, so it is critical for brands to have a strategy in place to uncover the right prospects and partner with them.

The most successful B2B technology marketers are leveraging an integrated approach that includes both outbound, including ABM, and inbound marketing strategies to generate higher quality sales leads and faster sales results.

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