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Why You Need Digital Marketing Experts

Digital marketing is dominating the marketing space, and its influence will only continue to grow.

Every year, organizations are increasingly allocating bigger shares of their overall marketing costs towards digital. According to Forrester Research, last year, the average company dedicated 30% of its marketing budget to online efforts. Digital marketing expenditures are expected to increase to 35%, with search engine marketing comprising the largest share of the budget.

At a time when your competitors are investing more into their digital marketing strategies, it is crucial for your company to do the same. Otherwise, you risk falling behind, becoming out of sync with your customers, and failing to secure sales.

Many business owners and small marketing teams try to do digital marketing on their own and find that it is not the best use of their time. They do not have the proper resources, experience, and time to dedicate to online marketing, and simply end up wasting money. Instead of going down this same path, you should hire digital marketing experts to run your digital marketing campaigns.

Why Digital Marketing Experts are Necessary 

If you are going to be spending up to 30% of your marketing money on digital, you must know that your investment is going to pay off. When you collaborate with digital marketing experts, you have a better chance of seeing a huge ROI.

Digital marketing experts are necessary to your business’ digital marketing success for the following reasons:

  • They have experience. When you hire digital marketing experts to guide your strategy and conduct your campaigns, you are bringing on professionals with several years of experience solely in the digital marketing field. They have kept up with the industry changes, tested different marketing methods, and worked with other companies in your niche.
  • They can anticipate change. Digital marketing experts regularly research changes in marketing platforms and tactics. They read industry news, look at trends, and can determine how best to stay ahead of the competition, which is important because digital marketing changes every week. As a business owner, you do not have the time to do thorough testing and study new marketing trends.
  • They measure ROI. According to CMO, 50% of B2B marketers say it is tough “to attribute marketing activity directly to revenue results as a means to justify budgets.” Digital is the easiest marketing strategy to measure. This year, 81% of marketers plan to boost their digital, mobile, and social spending if they could more effectively track their ROI. A top digital marketing agency will help you track ROI from keyword to close sale.
  • They have clout. Digital marketing experts are highly regarded in their industries and carry influence. Perhaps they guest blog on big websites, the local business journal, have many Twitter followers, or create viral posts on LinkedIn. These digital marketing experts can more easily spread your brand message since people are willing to listen to them.

Finding Digital Marketing Experts 

When you are looking to hire digital marketing experts, ask them for testimonials, case studies, and an audit of your current strategy. You can then choose the best digital marketing experts to drive your strategic marketing plan.

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