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What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is the process of pushing marketing messages to people where they are, as opposed to Inbound marketing which is about creating content to pull prospects towards you.

Outbound marketing includes a spectrum of marketing options ranging from mass marketing like radio and television advertising which are typically less personalized and less efficient, to targeted marketing such as Account Based Marketing (ABM) which is highly personalized and more efficient. ABM may involve sending outbound emails, LinkedIn messages and sales calls to specific decision makers at companies.

Why do you need an outbound marketing strategy? 

Targeted outbound marketing to key prospect companies through Account Based Marketing combined with a robust inbound marketing program will typically generate a greater number of sales opportunities at a faster rate. ABM allows you to reach a known list of companies even if decision makers at those companies are not actively searching for what you sell.

In ABM, sales and marketing teams work in tandem to deliver coordinated and personalized messages to key decision makers at named accounts.  Your ABM outbound marketing strategy should include the goals you wish to accomplish, a targeted list of accounts and decision makers, content for each channel in which you plan to deliver the messages and tracking to monitor results. See a complete listing of the steps for an effective Account Based Marketing program.

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