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How You Could Benefit from B2B Outbound Marketing

There are many business to business (B2B) companies out there trying to reach a small pool of high-value buyers. Most of these businesses are unable to capture their prospects’ attention.

According to Marketing Insider Group, 68% of B2B companies report that they struggle with lead generation, which is the backbone of their operations. If they cannot find prospects, then there is nobody to convert and purchase products and services. Their bottom line suffers.

One of the solutions is to engage in Account Based Marketing, a targeted B2B outbound marketing method, which has the power to bring in more prospects from the companies you want to reach, and successfully take them through the sales pipeline.

If want to run more efficient campaigns, the following is valuable information about B2B outbound marketing: 

What is B2B outbound marketing? 

B2B outbound marketing is comprised of strategies and tactics to get your sales message in front of targeted buyers and ensure they engage with your services and products. The methods for reaching these potential clients include cold calls, emails, LinkedIn outreach, retargeting ads, and direct mail. With B2B outbound marketing, you aim to customize your message to best engage with a limited set of prospects and generate more highly qualified leads for your sales funnel.

The advantages of B2B outbound marketing 

B2B outbound marketing, like Account Based Marketing, carries many benefits. You can get your message directly in front of companies you have targeted. B2B outbound marketing tactics like calling and emailing are going to take a prospect from the marketing-qualified lead stage to the sales-qualified lead part of the pipeline.

If you utilize ad retargeting, prospects will repeatedly see your company’s message and be persuaded to visit your website or engage with a sales representative. They will not forget your business.

Making phone calls and sending emails are two B2B outbound marketing tactics that will help you establish personal relationships with your buyers. If they hear from a sales person and can ask specific questions, they are more likely to buy from your company.

In one survey, 75% of 1,100 IT executives said they decided to attend an event or schedule an appointment after they received an email or a phone call. In a time when many B2B businesses are only creating content and not making contact with their prospects, this personal touch is necessary to stand out.

Best practices for B2B outbound marketing 

When you want to put your Account Based Marketing campaigns into motion, you need to do your research on prospects and target the high-value organizations. Make sure you keep in contact with your potential customers because 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups to move to the next stage. Always create a strategy and budget before you make any moves, and measure results after you have completed your campaigns.

By using B2B outbound marketing, you can find prospects that are willing to purchase, as well as boost your sales exponentially.

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