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What is ABM: Account Based Marketing

account based marketing ABM account based marketing is the strategy of choice for B2B marketers in 2017. It has captivated these marketers because of the high return on investment it offers and the positive results it produces.

What is ABM account based marketing?

ABM account based marketing is all about creating personalized content and messages for stakeholders within targeted high-valuable accounts. In contrast to traditional outbound marketing where marketers produce general content and messages in hopes of casting wide nets to bring in prospects, ABM targets specific accounts and personalizes content to key decision makers at those accounts.

Now, digital marketing offers the opportunity to reach targeted prospects with a personalized experience at scale, which delivers increased return on investment and a better experience for prospects moving through your buying cycle.

Does account based marketing (ABM) work?

ABM (account based marketing) has proven to be highly effective for B2B marketers and salespeople. According to a study from Alterra, 84% of marketers reported that account based marketing had significant benefits when it came to keeping and expanding their current client relationships. Additionally, a MarketingProfs report divulged that companies that use ABM account based marketing generate 208% more revenue for their efforts. Across the board, ABM is contributing to the positive growth of B2B companies’ sales pipelines and strengthening their relationships with prospects and clients.

What are the steps for a successful ABM campaign?

Successful B2B marketers utilize a six-step process for account based marketing. On a basic level, they go through these stages of the ABM journey:

  • Align with sales on the process and decide which high-value accounts you want to target.
  • Discover who the key stakeholders of these accounts are, along with how they fit into the organizations’ decision-making
  • Research and identify the challenges faced by these target companies create content matched to the buying cycle to educate and demonstrate how your company solves their challenges.
  • Determine where to distribute the personalized content and messages to prospects where they spend time online and offline.
  • Create and execute the workflows of the sequenced ABM campaigns.
  • Measure results and optimize campaigns for continual improvement.

What do you need for ABM account based marketing?

These are the critical elements for a successful ABM program:

  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Up front planning
  • Strategic planning and research to set up a successful campaign
  • Expertise to create the personalized content and set up the workflows
  • Marketing automation software to execute the workflows across marketing channels (email, social media, print, website, events and more)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software to ensure that sales feedback is incorporated into the campaign in a timely fashion
  • Lead tracking, scoring and opportunity tracking to measure the success of the campaign in real time
  • Marketing strategists, copywriters, marketing automation/CRM experts, graphic design professionals, website development experts, performance analysts, sales

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