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Top Digital Marketing Solutions for 2017

Digital marketing is a fast growing and evolving industry. This year, it continues to meteoric rise among B2B and B2C companies alike, who are using it to connect with customers and make sales. By 2021, U.S. digital marketing spend is predicted to reach almost $120 billion.

Fortunately, these innovations mean you can invest in targeted digital marketing solutions that will speed up your sales funnel, increase qualified leads, decrease your cost per lead, encourage marketing and sales alignment, and automate crucial processes. These solutions will save time, money, and energy, and allow you to focus on core business operations.

In 2017, here are the digital marketing strategies successful companies are using to drive results:

Hire A Digital Marketing Agency 

Many companies choose to take on digital marketing without having the depth and breadth of experience needed to be successful. Specialists at great digital marketing agencies will be up-to-date on the latest trends and to ensure you are reaching the right prospects. When choosing a digital marketing agency, look for experience, client testimonials, and case studies to have confidence they will drive business results.

Use Marketing Automation 

Nowadays, 49% of businesses are using marketing automation, according to emailmonday. Also, according to Gleanster, CMOs at the top companies are pursuing marketing automation to boost revenue and find higher quality leads. There are many different uses for marketing automation depending upon your business’ needs. For example, setting up drip email campaigns to stay top of mind with prospects is a key strategy. Marketing automation saves you both time and money. It starts prospects on the buyer’s journey with you and helps them become more comfortable with your solutions over your competition.  

Utilize Collaboration Platforms 

Successful digital marketing teams do not exist in silos. They work together to create campaigns and make sales. To be successful, people in sales, technology, product marketing, and marketing communications must work together to drive valuable prospect experiences and sales. There are free and paid platforms like Slack, Trello, Teamwork, and Huddle that will track your teams’ workflow, send out alerts when certain tasks are due, and more. For marketing and sales programs to be successful, everyone must work from the same playbook. 

Pursue Marketing Analytics 

Thanks to big data and marketing analytics, businesses can figure out whom they need to target and how to spread their messages to their audiences. They can also see how if their messages and campaigns are leading to increasing returns on investment.

According to Invoca, CMOs are allocating more than 11% of their budgets to marketing analytics. However, only 25% of marketers are collecting data on their customers. Leveraging data insights is critical to successful B2B marketing campaigns, and there are many tools to help you get there.

Account Based Marketing 

Now, in a time when 47% of B2B buyers digest an average of three to five pieces of content before talking with sales reps, it is crucial for marketers to focus on individualized offers. That is why account-based marketing (ABM), which involves marketing specifically to individuals at targeted high-quality prospect organizations, has grown in popularity and sophistication.

The ITSMA Account-Based Marketing Survey notes that ABM results in the highest ROI of any B2B marketing tactic or strategy. In 2017, B2B marketers that want to stay competitive in this environment must produce content and campaigns that will appeal to high-level buyers and lead them through the sales pipeline.

Getting Started With Digital Marketing Solutions 

In 2017, brands need digital marketing solutions to fulfill their goals and reach their revenue targets. By automating processes, collecting and analyzing data, leveraging a digital marketing agency, involving all members of your team, and creating personalized content and messages for your target audience, you will increase your qualified leads, drive sales, and position your company an industry leader.

Discover how the top digital marketing solutions can improve your bottom line and take your business to new heights. Contact KEO Marketing today for a marketing consultation.


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