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Lead Generation Tactics: How to Attract the Highest Quality Leads

lead generation tacticsLead generation is more than just generating as many leads as possible. Properly done, lead generation results in leads of the highest quality that engage with your brand and convert to revenue. You can measure your lead generation program’s success by:

  1. The quality of leads generated
  2. The leads that convert to revenue
  3. Metrics that prove your program’s value to your company’s bottom line

Following are KEO Marketing’s 5 lead generation tactics for attracting the highest quality leads:

Simple, easily navigable website

Your website is usually the first contact with your target audience so it pays to optimize. Understand what your audience wants to see when they visit your website and what their intentions are. Make sure everything from color scheme to layout and design elements speak to your company’s credibility. You should also optimize your website for viewing on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Produce top quality content

To meet or exceed your target audience’s needs and wants, produce top quality content that speaks to their pain points and desires. The key to producing high-quality content is to deliver it consistently so your target audience can expect and rely on you to give what they’re searching for. While you always want to include a strong call to action in your content, you should focus your content on your audience’s needs foremost.

Use best practices SEO techniques

Not only should you optimize your content for the basic keywords your targets search for, but include long tail keywords. Unless you identify the right keywords your audience uses, your content won’t produce the results you need. Include relevant keywords and long tail keywords in your title, content, meta title, and meta description for the best impact. SEO practices help you rank higher and have a better search volume.

Offer something valuable

You want to gain your target’s contact information so you can continue to nurture them through the buyer’s journey. Your target expects something of value in return for giving you their contact information. You could expand your free offer to content that digs deeper into their area of interest with thought-provoking and original insights. Offering something of value positions your company as a thought leader and boosts your credibility and trust factor.

Be active on social media

LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook can help you reach your target audience. Social media is the new platform for networking. Consider how you can network with groups and individuals on social media to create rapport and gain the trust of your potential leads. The key is to share a consistent message and engage personally through social media, while pointing people to your website for more information.


No inbound lead generation plan is complete without measuring and optimizing every step. You need to understand what is and is not working to make changes and optimize your lead generation program. Monitor each piece of your lead generation program and focus your attention on shoring up areas not producing well. Metrics you’ll want to track are the cost per lead, cost per acquisition, closing percentages, and time to close.

Do not let these simple lead generation tactics fool you. Simple is effective. Once you nurture the leads you generate using these tactics, you can pass high quality leads on to your sales team where they’ll hopefully become customers.

Looking to increase qualified leads using successful, proven B2B lead generation strategies and tactics? Contact KEO Marketing today.


With more than 25 years of hands on marketing strategy and operations experience, Sheila Kloefkorn is dedicated to developing marketing strategies and plans that help clients succeed. Some of the world's largest brands have depended on Sheila for marketing programs that delivered tangible and substantial results. Specialties: B2B marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales strategy, marketing strategy, competitive marketing strategy, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), mobile marketing, email marketing, website design, marketing plans.