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Getting Started with ABM Marketing

abm marketingABM marketing, or account based marketing, is an effective strategy for generating highly qualified sales leads. Over the past few years, B2B marketers have overhauled their approaches, and many of the most successful have switched to ABM marketing.

According to HubSpot, from 2015 to 2016, there was a 21% increase in the number of businesses that had an account-based marketing program in place. B2B marketers prefer ABM marketing to other strategies because of its high ROI. One study from ITSMA revealed that nearly 85% of marketers that measure ROI say ABM marketing brings about higher returns than any other marketing strategy.

What is ABM Marketing?

In a nutshell, ABM marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that involves targeting specific individuals in organizations with personalized messaging. Instead of sending out generic content and messages to large groups of prospects, ABM marketers are now determining what their prospects want to hear at an individual level and delivering it to them. They are collaborating with their sales teams to create campaigns that will result in more and higher quality leads.

The stages of a typical ABM marketing campaign are as follows.

  • Discover which organizations they want to target. These are smaller lists of target accounts or dream clients. Typically, they will look at the accounts their competitors have and conduct market research to see who will be a great fit for the solutions they provide.
  • Then research the target account organizational structures, as well as the key players that work within them, to find out who should receive their marketing messages.
  • Account based marketers, at this point, will produce personalized content for those individual key players. If the groups of decision makers are large, content created by persona, or group of decision makers, can also resonate well to move prospects along the buying cycle.
  • The next step is to need to determine the channels for distribution. Email LinkedIn, Twitter, direct mail, and conferences are common channels for communicating with targeted prospects.
  • The content is in place, and so are the platforms, so now it is time to launch, measure, optimize and build the campaign.

Is ABM marketing right for you?

If you are a mid-market or enterprise business, ABM marketing can revolutionize your marketing and sales processes. To succeed at ABM marketing, you must

  • Ensure that the sales and marketing teams work together
  • Invest in technologies that will automate your workflows
  • Focus on personalization
  • Create stellar content that educates and solves prospects’ challenges
  • Measure and optimize campaigns as you go

Are you ready to try ABM Marketing to see how you can increase the number and quality of sales leads in your pipeline? Contact KEO Marketing today for a complimentary consultation.


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