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Best Practices in B2B Account Based Marketing

b2b account based marketing Account based marketing is growing at a fast pace with companies in the business-to-business space. That is because ABM enables companies to target specific companies and buyers, and has a proven return on investment.

According to one ITSMA survey, account based marketing provides the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy. When done correctly, B2B account based marketing can result in more high-quality prospects, more closed leads and higher revenues for companies of any size.

If you are considering utilizing B2B account based marketing, we recommend these best practices to guarantee success.

Collaborate with your sales team

B2B account based marketing is only effective when sales and marketing teams work hand-in-hand. Marketers and salespeople determine whom they are targeting, what kinds of messages will resonate with those prospects, and how they want to receive them. The ABM strategy is sequenced and coordinated between marketing and sales for maximum impact. Marketers take prospects through the sales funnel, and salespeople convince them to convert. The two teams cannot work in silos. For success, they must be aligned.

Collect data on your prospects

These days, the buying cycle is much longer because prospects thoroughly research companies before purchasing. The average B2B buyer will view three to five pieces of content before connecting with a sales representative, while 73% of buyers will view a case study while performing research. All of this research means helping prospects educate themselves is important. Their interactions with this content translate to valuable data that your company can collect for your B2B account based marketing campaigns. To gain an accurate picture of your prospects, you need to utilize software that will collect relevant data, and then use the data to determine what kind of content you should create.

Personalize the prospect’s experience

People expect personalized messages these days. Buyers will leave content and websites that are not suited to their needs. That is why personalization is crucial. When prospects visit your website, they should see information and offers that are customized to fit their needs. The content of the emails prospects receive from your company should address their pain points. The whitepapers they download must highlight topics of interest. No two prospects are the same, even if they work at the same organization. Personas allow you to group prospects with similar needs and personalize their experience as they move through your buying cycle.

Keep the content consistent

Great content will tell a great story. In every interaction with your prospects, your B2B account based marketing team needs to stay on message and make sure their content and messages are a similar story. The story may include information about how your company can save your prospects time and money. It may address a specific industry pain point and always comes up with solutions from your company. Coordinating and sequencing these messages and key content assets makes for a consistent experience and helps move prospects through the sale funnel.

Use retargeting to repeat your message

It takes an average of six to eight touchpoints to qualify a prospect. Even if you are delivering valuable, relevant content at the right time to your prospects, the message may not stick. They will need many more interactions with you before deciding to purchase. One way to accomplish this is through retargeting. According to an infographic from Wishpond, the average click-through rate for display ads is only .07%, while click-through rates (CTRs) for retargeted ads is 0.7%. Additionally, 70% of website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert on a company’s website. Retargeting your customers with your targeted messages will increase the number of touches and increase the chances that they will purchase your product or service.

Measure your results

The last step in the B2B account based marketing process involves measuring results and analyzing your campaigns. If lead scoring and tracking are properly set up, you will know how the campaigns performed and make adjustments as you go. Some key performance indicators you should track are ad interactions, conversion metrics, engagement with your website, return on investment, the length of the sales cycle, and customer retention.

B2B account based marketing is a welcome addition to B2B marketing.

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