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Account Based Marketing Tactics: Getting Started

account based marketing tactics Account based marketing, which involves targeting specific companies, and creating specific content and marketing messages for targeted individuals within those prospect accounts, is a fast growing strategy among successful B2B marketers.

Ninety-two percent of B2B marketers say they consider account based marketing “very” or “extremely” important to their marketing efforts and companies with ABM strategies experience 208% more revenue for their efforts.

The ABM approach works. To ensure the success of your campaigns, try the following account based marketing tactics to start:

Identify high-value accounts

One of the most significant account based marketing tactics involves looking at the high-value accounts you should be targeting. These are accounts that are a great fit for your offerings, are likely purchase from you over and over, and stay loyal to your company. You will need to research which organizations are looking for your services, have used your competitors, and possess the budgets to pay for your products and services.

Find key stakeholders within your accounts

Another one of the crucial account based marketing tactics is determining the key stakeholders in the accounts you are targeting. You may want to target the chief technology officer and everyone under her. You could target the chief marketing officer and his subordinates. Collect data and do your research on the organizations and their structures to see which individuals to contact.

Personalize your website for the individual

When prospects visit your website, they should see personalized messages that highlight their business’ challenges and how your product or service can solve them. Create personalized and dynamic content on your website that speaks to each of these decision makers or groups of decision makers.

Mention your target audiences in blog posts and social media

If you want to generate interest among your leads, mention them in blog posts and social media updates. You will increase your brand recognition, as well as pique prospects’ curiosity. Done well, and personalized for their needs, prospects will want to learn more about what you have to offer.

Measure results to optimize in the future

During and after you have completed an ABM campaign, review key performance indicators. Determine what worked successfully to lead prospects through the buying cycle and repeat it.

These account based marketing tactics will to jumpstart your campaigns and put you on the right track with ABM.

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