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Negative Keywords Can Be Shared Across Google AdWords Accounts

NEGATIVE-KEYWORDSOne of the most important parts of a search marketing program is selecting keywords. You need to find relevant keywords to use in your pay-per-click advertisements so you can attract searchers who are looking for what you offer.

Negative keywords, meaning keywords that will not display your ads, are equally important because they prevent advertisers from wasting ad spend on keywords that are not relevant to their business or their audience.

Google currently provides the ability to add negative keywords to your AdWords Pay-per-Click (PPC) accounts. Up until now, though, you had to manually add negative keywords to each PPC ad campaign that you were running.

In January of 2017, Google made a change to AdWords. Now you can share negative keywords across all your Google AdWords accounts from one location; you do not need to add them manually to every campaign. They just need to be linked to your manager account.

From now on you can create one negative keywords list in your manager account. When you create those negative keyword lists, they are added to the Shared library of all your managed accounts by default. To apply a negative keyword list, you merely add it from the managed account’s Shared library.

This update is another improvement that Google has added to enhance the usability of AdWords. Using negative keywords can help improve click-through rates and ultimately save money by not displaying ads for certain searchers. By making the keywords sharable across all campaigns, the process of setting up ads is faster and easier for users.

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