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How are your 2017 Marketer’s Resolutions Coming Along?

marketing resolutionsAt the start of every New Year, people make resolutions; things they are going to do in the coming year to improve their lives. Unfortunately, many times they are not able to keep up their resolutions. The top three resolutions for most people are to lose weight, become organized and spend more time with the family. With those as a guide, let us look at the top three resolutions that digital marketers should be accomplishing.

Lose Weight.

We are not talking about you, the marketer. We are talking about your website. If your website is too big and creates too much friction for visitors to find the content they are looking for, it is time to put it on a “diet.”

Give your website a thorough review. Then consider these important keys to a good website in 2017:

  • Clear, Focused Content. “Minimize” is the keyword. Keep the design simple so the user can find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Simple Menus and Navigation. Make navigation easy and quick. If the user has to click through four levels of menus just to find something, the chances are good that they will leave after the second tap.
  • Fast Loading Speed. Thirty percent of website visitors abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore, redesign the web pages to load quickly.

Get Organized

How well do you capture, track and analyze the data that comes to you through the web and your campaigns? Today’s analytics programs can capture all kinds of data from the click-path through the website to which social media platform or web campaign from which the lead originated. Organized data means better business decisions. Some things to consider:

  • Determine promotional effectiveness by channel and by narrowly defined customer segments. Different promotional tactics (e.g., social media campaigns, pay per click (PPC) ads, online events, etc.) tend to elicit different response rates. Be aware of the effectiveness of each.
  • Note which customers are already maintaining a relationship in more than one channel. These are the best customers and maintaining a multi-channel contact with the same customer can increase the next campaign’s effectiveness.

Spend Time with the Family

In this case, we are talking about your customers. Data is essential to understanding the big picture, but remember; your website deals with the customers face-to-face every day. If you want a website that is truly customer-friendly, spend time with your customers regularly.

Do not, however, spend the time with them in conference rooms. Sit with them while they work; understand what they do, the challenges they face, how they look for products similar to yours and how they expect websites to perform to help them make a selection. reminds us that 80% of a company’s business comes from approximately 20% of the customers. It is imperative that the 20% has a favorable view of your company. The best clients can provide you with the information.

So keep your website running efficiently with the 2017 marketing resolutions. Take the time to examine your site to make sure it is uncluttered, gathers the data you need and is built around what your customers want.

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