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Why You Need Inbound Marketing Experts vs. Doing it Yourself

inbound marketing expertsInbound marketing is one of the most effective means of lead generation in the online world. It is a strategic method of drawing customers to a company’s products and services through providing content where and when the prospects want it and then nurturing them through the sales process. According to, 92.3 percent of the companies that adopted an inbound marketing strategy showed an increase in website traffic and 40 percent of them saw an increase of at least 75 percent.

But there is more to inbound marketing than merely creating a different style of content. It is a complete integrated method of outreach, nurturing and follow-up that works with the prospects and how they search for products and services. Because of this, it can be very difficult for people who have not done it before. Here are three reasons why it is wise for a B2B company to hire inbound marketing experts.

  1. Experience.

A good inbound marketing agency employs people who are experienced in inbound marketing strategies and tactics. Inbound is a delicate balance of actions, metrics, analysis and modifications based on real-time results. An expert will manage and modify the strategies in order to deliver the best return on investment of your marketing dollars.

Inbound is an involved process. Look for people who have at least 3-5 years of experience in strategy development, audience selection, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), web development and lead-nurturing. In addition, the people must work together as a team so that the messaging and actions produce the best results.

Finally, good inbound marketing experts should have experience in inbound campaigns within your industry. Different industries require different strategies. An inbound marketing expert with industry-specific experience can deliver a better return on investment more quickly.

  1. Resources.

Inbound marketing is a planned and carefully executed campaign of content creation and distribution, search engine optimization, tracking, lead scoring, web site development and lead-nurturing. All of these require both personnel and assets to ensure successful development, execution and follow-up.

Inbound marketing experts have access to all the resources necessary to develop a successful campaign. These not only include the equipment such as large servers for automating marketing tasks like lead-nurturing emails, but also the intangible items that make an inbound campaign a success. Resources such as keyword development and analysis software, media connections for content placement and access to industry influencers who can promote your articles and blog posts are valuable for a campaign. Equipment costs and invested time for making and nurturing influential contacts can be a large expense of resources for a B2B company. An inbound marketing expert has these and will use them to ensure success of your campaign.

  1. Ongoing Education.

As the online marketing world changes, so must the strategies and tactics of inbound marketing. Search engines such as Google regularly update their search algorithms and page ranking criteria. An inbound marketing expert will stay educated on the changes that are happening in the online world and will suggest changes to accommodate them.

In addition, social media outlets change how they display information, software packages change their functionality and online content portals appear and disappear. An inbound marketing expert will be aware of these changes. Not only will they be aware but they will also educate themselves about them in order to suggest them to you (or suggest you avoid them, whichever is the case).

Ongoing education is critical in inbound marketing and should not be overlooked or dismissed. Why? As an example, in 2015 Google changed its page-ranking algorithm to give top preference to websites that included responsiveness to mobile devices. This change was referred to as “mobile-geddon” because it immediately caused all non-mobile sites to be lowered severely in ranking in the search engine results pages. An inbound expert would be aware of those changes coming and would advise the client companies of the need to adapt the website to match the new requirements, lest they lose their ranking.

In summary, it is best to work with an inbound marketing expert rather than doing it all yourself. The level of skills, education and experience that an expert can bring to the campaign far outweigh the cost of hiring them.

Would you like to learn more? KEO Marketing has a team of inbound marketing experts who can help you set up and run a very productive inbound marketing campaign. For more information, contact KEO Marketing or call us at 888-702-0679.


Emina Karic has experience in researching new leads and trends, social media outreach, as well as assisting the marketing department in any way seen fit. She had previously interned for a marketing firm that specializes in nonprofit and political clients before becoming a part of our agency. As the Marketing Coordinator, she compiles research on leads to target and is responsible for social media outreach via LinkedIn. She prides herself on her hard work and her ability to obtain information quickly and effectively. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from Arizona State University.