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How to Find a Local Inbound Marketing Agency

inbound marketing agencyHiring an inbound marketing agency is a serious commitment to increasing your business. A good inbound marketing agency can create campaigns that will significantly increase leads, conversions and revenue. When you are beginning the search for an agency you may encounter both local and national marketing agencies and the question will come up: “should I hire a local agency?” A local inbound marketing agency has advantages over the large national ones, so here are some tips for finding a local inbound marketing agency and what to expect from them.

Define your business goals and objectives. Before you start searching, have a clear picture of your goals and objectives from a local inbound marketing agency. Define the objectives in terms of outcomes such as leads, conversions, repeat business and revenue. Also define the working environment, the team and how the inbound marketing will work with your marketing team and campaigns. This is where a local inbound marketing agency has an advantage. A local agency can meet face-to-face regularly.

Begin the search online.  You are hiring the agency to attract online prospects to your website. If a local inbound marketing agency cannot get its own business found, how is it going to get your business found? Use three or four different keywords, keyword phrases and questions during your search and look for local agencies that repeatedly show up in the search results. You do not need to penalize the agency for not being on page one, but they had better be on page two or three. If you cannot find the agency in the search engines, how is it going to help you?

Look for significant experience. A good inbound marketing agency employs people who have expertise in inbound marketing strategies and tactics. Inbound is a delicate balance of actions, metrics, analysis and modification of tactics based on real-time results. Look for people who have at least 3-5 years of experience in strategy development, audience selection, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), web development and lead-nurturing. In addition, the people must work together with your team so that the messaging and actions produce the best results.

Ask about local clients. Since the prospective agency is local, ask if they have any local clients. Then ask for the contact information of those local clients so that you can connect with them for their evaluation of the agency. A good inbound marketing agency will have no problem with this because they want to maintain a good reputation locally. Unsatisfied local clients means the agency will go out of business sooner or later.

Discuss communication and updates. Once the local agency is hired and the campaign moves forward, the inbound marketing agency will track and measure the data from the prospects through every step in the process. Meetings will be held regularly with your company to detail how the campaign is progressing and discuss changes that could be made to improve the results. To select a good agency, ask about their policies for meeting with the clients; how often, for how long and over what events. The advantage of a local marketing agency is that they are nearby and can meet if a significant event happens that could change the campaign tactics.

Overall, the decision to work with a local inbound marketing agency versus a national agency is a subjective decision. Local agencies come with a number of distinct advantages though, so it would be worth your company’s while to examine all local agencies.

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