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Seven Metrics for Measuring SEO Campaign Effectiveness

SEOMeasuring the results of a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is probably the most important part of the program. If you do not know the results you are achieving, then you have no way of knowing if your budget is being utilized effectively. Here are seven metrics to track that will help determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Conversion rate from organic search engine traffic
    There are various types of goals a business may define as a conversion; downloading a white paper, registering for a webinar or requesting collateral etc. It is important to track them and measure the conversion rate; the quantity of conversions compared to the quantity of unique organic visitors.
  • Comparative conversion rate from organic search engine traffic
    Once you have the conversion rate, compare it to the conversion rates of other online marketing channels to determine the quality of traffic from organic search.
  • Events utilized from organic search engine traffic
    Event tracking is when a visitor views a video or clicks on an image or a link. Tracking these determines the level of involvement from the visitor.
  • Revenue from organic search engine traffic
    If your company has the ability to track this, use it. Compare the quantity of purchases to the quantity of organic visitors to determine a purchase conversion rate.
  • Percentage of search traffic from non-branded keyword search referrals
    Visitors will come to your website through keyword searches other than those you have optimized. This data should be tracked in order to add keywords to your optimization tactics.
  • Percentage of search traffic from core keyword strategies
    Most keywords come in two types: core keywords and long-tail keywords. Tracking and comparing the results of the core keywords to the long-tail keywords can help optimize the keyword and optimization processes.
  • Keyword rank monitoring
    Keyword rankings should not be the ultimate you strive for, but there is a definite connection between a better keyword position in search engine results and likelihood someone will click through and visit your website.

Tracking specific metrics of your SEO campaign can help improve the results as well as drive down costs. KEO Marketing has a team of SEO specialists who will help you set up and track all the important metrics you need in order to have a productive campaign. For more information, contact KEO Marketing or call us at 888-702-0679.


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