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Four Tactics for Better Lead Nurturing

lead-nurturingLead nurturing is one of the most powerful tools that marketing automation software has to offer. The ability to deliver content based on a customer’s interaction with your emails delivers more qualified prospects to your sales force and thereby increases your conversion rates. Most people know the basics of lead nurturing, so here are four more ideas that can help your lead nurturing be more effective.

Direct the Nurturing Process

Lead nurturing is not just about creating emails and sending them to the prospect. It is about moving the prospects incrementally through the sales funnel from one stage of qualification to the next. Without a carefully planned approach to the nurturing process, the leads can get lost in the process and stagnate.

The best way to do that is through directive information. A good campaign sends new research findings, tip sheets, eBooks, etc., but within each of these is planned wording that will tempt the prospect to move to the next step followed by a call-to-action that makes it easy to take that next step. So preface every content-planning discussion with “how will this compel the reader to take the next step of qualification?”

Create Supporting Content

Content forms the foundation of your lead nurturing programs and companies can be under-prepared from a content perspective. Before launching a lead nurturing program, ensure you have the content in place to support it. Develop a store of research papers, blog posts, videos and other appropriate content and make sure it moves the prospect through the sales funnel. Doing this in the beginning will prevent backtracking and rework if it is discovered that there is no content for a particular email to the prospect.

Collaborate with the Sales People

Even though the sales team is traditionally not involved in the lead nurturing process, it is important to ensure that the sales team is involved. Sales people are a valuable resource for creating content, nurture tracks and scoring methods that yield qualified candidates. They know the goals, motivations and pain points of the prospects and are willing to share if it means more sales for them. When the two departments work together to build the lead-nurturing strategy the sales people are more willing to act when the sales-ready leads are passed to them.

Avoid Over-formatted emails

When planning the format of the nurturing emails, consider avoiding over-formatted emails. There is no real need for a fancy HTML email with colorful photos and large fonts. You may think such an email may be more appealing but it is not. If your email looks like an advertisement, people will not think you are trying to educate them or start a conversation; they will think you are trying to sell your products and that is usually an immediate turn off. In addition, different email servers display overly-formatted emails differently. What looks good on your server may display very poorly on another.

So avoid the possibility of creating emails that can not be read. It is better to err on the side of being “old-fashioned” in your formatting. Use rich text format (RTF) or plain text. This ensures your emails can be read on a variety of email servers and on mobile devices.

While these are a great start for lead nurturing best practices, remember that better practices are evolving every day. KEO Marketing has a team of experts who can help you build and improve your lead nurturing strategies. For more information, contact KEO Marketing or call us at 888-702-0679.


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