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Repurposing Content for Your B2B Direct Sales Force

repurposing contentKristel Cuenta, writing in, says that any piece of content that gets a good response from the target audience should be repurposed into other forms of content in order to leverage the popularity and keep the target audience engaged.

She says: “Repurposing is killing two birds with one stone. It is a second chance at promotion and it appeals to more audiences, which helps in extending your content’s reach.”

This is a very good way to approach content creation. We would also like to suggest one simple adaptation to this idea: instead of creating more content for inbound marketing, create content that your direct sales force can use.

If you own a business-to-business (B2B) company, you probably have direct sales people; either on-the-street people or phone sales people. These men and women are always looking for any kind of excuse to contact a new prospect or re-connect with their current customers. Giving them content that they can hand out will let them do that.

Here is an example: let us assume that you have published a blog post that got a lot of views. With a few modifications and additions, you can create these other types of content:

  1.  Interactive content. Online quizzes, assessments and calculators. The sales force can send their clients to these online tools in order to build the relationship.
  2. Video. Turn the written content into a short educational video. The video file can be placed onto your website or put onto a jump drive to hand to the client.
  3. eBooks. Expand the content a bit and create a quick-read ebook. It can be printed or put onto a jump drive to be handed to the client. The beauty of this is that links to your website can be included in the ebook.

So if you create a popular piece of content, do not let it fade away. Repurpose it for the sales force. Doing so will build long-lasting customer loyalty. You can read Kristel’s article here for more ideas.

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