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Content Marketing for Highly Regulated Industries

Content Marketing for Highly Regulated IndustriesMany businesses use content marketing to drive leads, increase sales, raise brand awareness and build an engaged audience across many different channels. For those in heavily regulated industries such as finance, health care and education however, approving and distributing content while remaining compliant with regulatory rules can be significantly challenging. These companies must figure out how to connect with their target audience in a meaningful way while navigating the pitfall-filled process of remaining compliant and dealing with the inevitable delays and production process of creating compliant materials.

One of the biggest problems that content marketers face when creating compliant material is that the need to get compliance approval slows their speed to market. Here are some techniques to streamline the process.

  • Have a quarterly production calendar that marketing, management and the legal department have reviewed and approved prior to producing any content.
  • Incorporate a checklist throughout the ideation, editorial and publishing approval processes to ensure compliance steps are performed.
  • Make sure the content is compliant and then ask your legal department for a “yes” or “no” response only.
  • Create a working group with representatives from marketing, editorial and the legal department to ensure everyone is involved in the process and aware of the progress and goals of the content development program.
  • Use automated technology, such as a content monitoring system, to help identify and check for potential compliance issues.

Good content marketing develops the brand and compels prospects to connect with the company. For marketers in regulated industries however, determining how to leverage the advantages of content marketing while remaining compliant is a delicate balance. The good news is that as the world of content marketing continues to grow and evolve, marketers will have more opportunities to figure out what works best for their individual brands.


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