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3 Content Types That Can Damage Your Online Reputation

3 Content Pieces that can Damage Your Online ReputationOnline reputation management is not something that a lot of businesses think about regularly. Yet it is an important part of business because news can spread quickly on the internet influencing large groups of people. Unfortunately, negative news spreads a lot more quickly than positive news.

There are three types of negative content of which companies should be aware. These are particularly bad because they can be ranked highly in search engine results if someone performs a search on your brand name.

  • Negative reviews: Review sites allow users to express their opinion about your brand. Unfortunately, there are professional negative reviewers who specialize in bad reviews. Negative content can affect your sales and addressing the criticism on the site may not be enough. Websites like provide platforms for people to vent their rage, including false anger.
  • Hate sites: Some people are so determined to damage a company that they create ad hoc websites which specifically target that particular company and then fill it with negative information. These “hate sites” address companies and their top officials with insults and false information. When strong search engine optimization is used on these sites, a hate site about your company can rise to the top of the search engine results pages.
  • Negative media coverage: Even though the majority of media sites are legitimate, there are plenty of “news” sites that will gladly publish any scrap of negative information they can find about your company.  One or two bad stories about your company can impact your online reputation.

How do you deal with this?  By regularly performing searches on your company name and monitoring your own comment boards and social media pages. Do this research regularly to make sure your company image is positive and any negative reviews or problems are addressed quickly by the company.  By using smart reputation management techniques you can maintain your company’s positive image in the eyes of your customers.

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