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The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing for 2016

advanced guide to content marketingWith the explosion of content marketing, businesses have been publishing white papers, e-books, and blog posts in order to get their customers’ attention.  But now it is almost too much. Prospects are buried by the enormous amount of content and they are ignoring most it.  In order to stand out from all the other content that has already been published, you need to utilize new tactics that will help you stand out from the all the clutter.

Here are three advanced content marketing tactics that will help you rise above the vast amount of content and connect with your target audience.

Interactive Content

Interactive content takes the customer beyond the passive reading of things like e-books and white papers. It actively engages the audience in an activity: answering questions, making choices, exploring scenarios and playing games. Types of interactive content include quizzes, online assessments, polls and surveys, online calculators and videos. Interactive content has much greater value because the target audience not only consumes the content, but also enjoys it, acts upon it and shares it. The best interactive content solves a problem that the customer has and gives useful answers to a question, suggests solutions to a problem, or provides results of some kind.

Disruptive Content

Disruptive content is a paradigm shift away from the usual interruptive marketing such as advertising. Rather than breaking into a customer’s day, disruptive content compels readers to stop what they are doing and get involved. More importantly though, disruptive content makes the recipient re-think and re-assess their current situation and way of doing business. Through interactive assessments, comparisons to norms, checklists and other tools that speak directly to their business, disruptive content “disrupts” their current method of thinking and compels the prospect to think in a new direction.

Mobile Content

Research by Forrester shows that 4.8 billion people have smart phones worldwide and 75% of internet users used a mobile device to get onto the internet in 2015. Because of this, the smart content marketer will be sure to create content specifically for mobile devices. Short strong headlines and succinct copy will ensure it gets read on a small screen and entertainment value such as video will keep the user on your site. Plus, don’t forget to add “share this” buttons so that the users can spread it around to their friends.

For the full list of techniques that will make your content stand out from your competitors, download the latest marketer’s guide from KEO Marketing, “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing for 2016.”


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