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The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing for 2016

Advanced Guide to Content Marketing“Content is KING!” says everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the past few years. With the explosion of content marketing, nearly every company on the planet is creating content and publishing it, good or bad. As a result, audiences are overwhelmed by the massive amount of blog posts, white papers, e-books and videos they see each and every day and they are starting to ignore most of it.

Is content marketing dead because of this?  Should you skip it and move on to the “next thing”?  No! Content marketing is still extremely important for many reasons like relationship building, lead nurturing and SEO, to name a few. You may just need to change the type of content your produce and then utilize new and different content marketing tactics that will make you stand out from the all the clutter from your competitors.

Here are five unusual tactics that can help you to generate great content that your prospects will actively look seek and engage.

  • Interactive: papers, e-books and infographics that compel the prospects to get involved.
  • Behavior-based: content that changes depending on the prospects’ actions.
  • Industry-focused: content that addresses a single industry, rather than a single persona.
  • Disruptive: content that changes the prospects’ thinking patterns and paradigms.
  • Mobile: content that fits within the small screen and distracting environment of a smart phone.

To assist marketers in developing more strategic content, KEO Marketing has released a new guide entitled, “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing for 2016.” This report is a complete departure from the usual “how to” guides. Instead of the same old information about editorial calendars and personas, you will learn how to use new content marketing to capture and keep your prospects’ attention.

So if you’re ready to improve the ROI of your content marketing dramatically, click the link and download your copy of The Advanced Content Marketing Guide.


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