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Successful Ways to Master Display and Programmatic Advertising in 2016

programatic advertising 2016Programmatic advertising is poised to have a record year in 2016. Marketers who want to use highly targeted and relevant ads for maximum results should consider adding digital advertising into their budget. Programmatic will soon become a standard part of every digital ad campaign, so if it isn’t already part of your existing strategy, you may need to expand your efforts.

Digital advertising gives marketers ways to connect with users in preferred brand channels, with the additional benefit of automation to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and boost their overall results.

To help B2B marketers with this effort, KEO Marketing just released a guide entitled, “6 Keys to Display and Programmatic Advertising in 2016.” This marketers how to guide discusses some of the reasons why programmatic is important to include as part of a digital ad campaign and strategy.

Here are a few of the specific keys to success that the guide stresses as important for the future of programmatic advertising:

Update creative faster

New software will soon be on the market that will allow advertisers to optimized ad creative quickly. Both creative management platforms (CMPs) and dynamic creative optimization (DCOs) will give advertisers the ability to create multiple versions of an ad customized for demographics, behaviors, times, locations, etc. Having the option for increase personalization will hopefully result in greater relevance for consumers and better conversion rates.

Programmatic everywhere, in every channel

The days of targeting to only one device are over, and 2016 is poised to be the year that cross-device programmatic advertising takes a giant step forward. With that being said, most marketers don’t feel they are maximizing the cross channel marketing opportunities. Without a single view of the customer, effective marketing measurement and personalization across channels are inefficient. And because we are in a customer-driven business era where buyers demand an unparalleled level of personalized customer targeting, brands need to run campaigns that reach consumers on every one of their screens.

Move toward ROI, away from awareness

The goal of a successful B2B marketer is to deliver the right message to the right target audience at the right time and in the right context. This hyper-relevant targeting allows marketers to specifically hit their audience with personalized messaging that is most likely to engage the individual and result in a conversion at the lowest possible price. To achieve this, they must move away from awareness as a focus, and instead rely on available data to learn more about the customer journey.

Moment marketing

As the attention of a consumer jumps from different screens and channels, moments of reaching the exact audience you’re looking for can happen at any time. This gives brands the opportunity to capture viewers’ attention with a targeted message while the moment unfolds. B2B companies can use programmatic to piece together a detailed portrait of a consumer’s intent to purchase, resulting in greater impact with consumers and increased conversions.

For more detail about the the ways marketers are benefiting from programmatic now, download the KEO Marketing Guide, “6 Keys to Success in Display and Programmatic Advertising in 2016” today.


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