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Improve your SEO by Fixing Your Old Web Content

SEOAs you move forward with your content marketing strategy, make sure you don’t forget about the older content that’s been on your website for a few years. Old sales pages, obsolete product pages and other outdated content can drive traffic away and lower your rank in the search engines. Here are four ways to address it:

  1. Leave it alone. If your content is still accurate and important information, if it earns a lot of inbound links, and if it continues to drive traffic then it’s worth keeping. You might want to see if you can improve your keyword density just to keep it fresh, but don’t delete it or change it if it’s driving traffic to your site.
  1. Add a 301 redirect away from it. This is a good option, but it has to be done right. Do not redirect to your homepage because visitors hate that. Instead, point the redirect to another page that is as close as possible in style, intent and category. You want to match the original user intent as much as possible with the new page.
  1. Delete it. This is the lazy way to deal with old content, and it’s a really bad idea because it causes a “404 not found” page. It wastes any incoming links, irritates the search engines and upsets users. We do not recommend this practice.
  1. Improve it. This is the best approach to dealing with old content. Perhaps you can update the information or re-write it in order to create added value. Be sure to make it unique and valuable to the reader, and make sure it’s fully optimized for search.

In summary, make sure you regularly analyze and attend to your old content.  Content marketing is all about creating a great user experience. By getting rid of the old content and providing new material, you’ll be continually impressing your customers which ultimately leads to new business.

As an innovative inbound marketing agency, KEO Marketing can help with all aspects of your content marketing efforts. In fact, our marketer’s guide, “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing,” explains some of the ways we can help. Download it for free today!


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