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Three Keys to Selecting an Inbound Marketing Agency

inbound marketing agencyAs business competition becomes fiercer, many businesses turn to an inbound marketing agency to help them drive more clients to their websites. Why?  Because a good inbound marketing strategy helps businesses rise to the top of the search engines. Not all inbound marketing agencies are the same, however. Some can help you achieve your goals faster than others. Here are three key characteristics that an agency should have.

  1. Personalized service from a single account executive. The best agencies will provide you with a main account executive and supporting team that will work with you through your entire project. Less desirable agencies will give your project to whoever is handy. But nothing is more irritating than to have your project handed off to whoever happens to be in the office that day. In fact, according to research from the U.S. Small Business Administration, 68% of customers leave because they are upset with the treatment they’ve received. Personal, single-contact-person service coupled with consistent and open communication is the most important characteristics of an inbound marketing agency.
  1. Trust and recommendations based on that trust. A Harvard Business Review article recently cited a 2002 survey of 450 executives which showed that 69% of the respondents don’t know who to trust in business. Trust is important no matter what size business you have.

When you’re doing research to find an inbound marketing agency, ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. Ask them bluntly: “How much do you trust this agency?”.  In addition, ask the agency how much business they get from referrals.  Here’s why you do that:

when you put together an inbound marketing strategy you’re going to be investing time and money into the process. The best agency to work with is an agency that has built significant trust with their clients by producing outstanding work that delivers a high ROI.  By looking for an inbound marketing agency that has a lot of long term clients and repeat business, you find a high level of trust that their clients have in them.

  1. Relevant experience. The top search engines recommend pages with content that is most relevant to the search terms entered. When a searcher performs a search, he or she will use industry-specific search terms. Therefore, you want an agency that has plenty of experience that is relevant to the industry in which you work.

Here’s why: each industry has its own terms, vernacular, specifications, needs, and insider information. A good inbound marketing agency with relevant industry experience will optimize your web pages with relatable keywords that will draw better search results. They will also produce industry-focused content such as white papers and blog posts that your target audience will want to read, thereby increasing your products’ desirability.

So if you are in the financial industry, look for an agency that focuses on the financial sector. If you are in healthcare, then find an agency that has expertise in healthcare. By seeking out an agency that has relevant experience to your industry, your inbound campaigns will have a much larger return on investment.  KEO Marketing is a business to business (B2B) marketing agency that specializes in technology, financial services and healthcare. Clients in those industries can expect excellent work that produces outstanding results.

Those are the three key factors in selecting an inbound marketing agency. By basing your evaluations of agencies on these factors you’ll have better results and find the agency that is right for you.

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