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Amplify Your SEO Strategy with These 5 Steps

SEO strategyA recent article from Search Engine Land says “even the best optimization is dead in the water without amplification.” If you’re doing everything you can to rank high, but you’re still having trouble increasing targeted traffic to your site, you could be missing some of these components.

Amplify your SEO strategy with these five steps. 

  1. Content strategy – Amplifying your SEO strategy through content requires more thought than just keyword optimization. Put yourself into the mind of the person doing the searching. Can you get a feel for what they’re searching? Provide information that may satisfy their queries, including answering questions, providing tips, recommending strategies, showing a “how to” tutorial, etc. The first step is getting someone to click on your content, but even more important is getting them to read and/or interact with it.
  1. Social media promotion – Social media is a key part of an effective inbound marketing program because it is a cost-effective strategy that can help amplify your brand presence, increase traffic and improve overall sales. Once you have great social content developed, promote it. Always include links to your social media platforms throughout your content, and share your content on all available streams.
  1. Social media engagement – As a general rule, no more than 20 percent of your social media posts should include self-promotion. The rest of the 80 percent should be focused on engagement and learning. Identify the best way to connect with your target audience and interact with them through different social portals. Find out what people think of your company, both good and bad. Social media is a great way to uncover any potential issues that could be solved with a new product or service. And when you focus on using social media for engagement, it can amplify your entire SEO strategy, including content, and generate qualified leads.
  1. User experience (UX) optimization – If your site is ranking high and visitors keep coming back to it, your SEO strategy is doing well. But when those visitors get to your site, is it a good on-site experience? A positive experience for a user can increase visibility for your brand. Does your site have easy-to-use navigation that flows from one page to the next? Are they able to quickly find solutions and see content that matches their current place in the buying cycle? Having a great user experience is paramount to SEO, and can include things like page load speed, mobile accessibility, bounce rates and more.
  1. Conversion optimization – In addition to user experience, conversion optimization is another important strategy. It looks at improving the paths a visitor takes through your site. The goal is to make every improvement possible that could convert the visit into a purchase, or generate a lead. Are your calls to action working? Do images inspire your customers to stay on your website? As a marketer, you want to do as much as you can to make sure your visitors get every question answered and leave your site satisfied, hopefully after filling out a lead gen form.

If your existing SEO strategy is lacking the results you’re looking for, you might want to consider adding these amplifiers to your plan. KEO Marketing is a leading SEO agency, providing customized solutions to clients and catering to unique business situations and environments. Proper search engine optimization can build greater brand visibility and increase traffic, leads and sales. Let us help build you a winning SEO strategy that keeps your visitors coming back again and again.



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