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Social Media Impacts B2B Buyers Who Have a “Penchant for Learning”

B2B social mediaAn abundance of online resources and communication channels is rapidly blurring the line between traditional B2B marketing and sales activities. That doesn’t mean face-to-face selling is dead. It just means brands need to rethink existing sales processes and discover new ways to engage and educate buyers.

Social media is a major enabler for brands struggling to replicate the past success of face-to-face sales activities. By encouraging social media discussions around your products or services, you can extend your brand’s ability to communicate directly with buyers.

What role does social media play?

Using brand-relevant social media channels, marketers can effectively syndicate what a recent Harvard Business Review article describes as “dialogue-provoking” content. As a result, brands can appeal to B2B buyers’ insatiable “penchant for learning.”

Ultimately, buyers care about and want to discuss topics like:

  • speed-to market
  • cost reduction
  • return on investment
  • product reliability, longevity, and scalability

Social media helps you start new conversations (or join existing ones) about those topics, effectively repackaging the same dialogue that salespeople already encourage during in-person meetings.

How does social media help?

When considered as an extension of face-to-face sales activities, social media serves two purposes:

  1. Reaching more buyers by publicizing conversations that would traditionally occur during face-to-face meetings
  2. Improving engagement with buyers by meeting them with information, solutions, and insights at every stage of the buying cycle

As a leading inbound marketing agency, KEO Marketing uses social media to syndicate your message and engage your buyers, wherever they spend time online. In addition to attracting people to the valuable content you publish on your website, we use social media to encourage thought-provoking conversations that increase brand awareness.

Christian Lowery

Christian has over 5 years of experience in social media content creation, curation and management. He is passionate about thoughtful, creative branding and storytelling, and enjoys helping companies develop a strategic social media strategy. In addition to social media management, he is an experienced photographer and copywriter for many B2B and B2C brands. His understanding of consumer outreach and engagement, along with his eye for design, helps our clients target new customers, re-position themselves in the marketplace, or strengthen their existing audience.